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The Perfect Power Partner

Aventus Power, have been powering the Fusion X30 team to success over the past few seasons, and are a huge part of the team's recent Championship successes, including a World Championship, a British Championship and 3 LGM titles in just the last 3 years.

Joe Boullen set up the company in 2019 having run the X30 division of long standing tuner Ogden Motorsport over the past few years. Although Aventus still has strong links with Ogden it is an entirely new company and Joe has added his extraordinary attention to detail to every aspect of his work.

As they say it's all about the 6 'P's and preparation is certainly Aventus' USP. The meticulous nature in which each engine rebuild is done and the clinical surroundings that customers' equipment finds itself in is the cornerstone of the business, and ensures that nothing is left to chance.

Whilst Fusion are glad to have such a strong relationship with Aventus, it is clear that the team are not the only customer in the paddock and Joe does a fantastic job of dividing his time equally amongst all his customers to provide the best trackside support in the business.

To quote a famous tag line from a Pirelli advert, "Power is Nothing Without Control." In this case "Control is nothing without (Aventus) Power".


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