Sebastian Minns

Name:​​Sebastian Minns

Age:​ ​9


Class: ​​IAME Cadet

Sebastian started karting at 6 years old with a short stint in bambino before moving straight into testing HondaCadet.

His first race was in 2018 competing at 7 years old in the IAME Mini Swift Benelux Championship. Whilst racing in Spa Sebastian was extremely fortunate to meet and chat with Bruno Senna who massively inspired him.

2019 was the year he could race in the UK Cadet Class and moved in under the Fusion Motorsport banner, who helped him make massive progress with very impressive performances.

Seb finished 9th in the 2020 British Cadet Championship and will now step up to the Mini X30 category mainly competing in UKC, the BNL and Euro series.

He also enjoys all round sports including: football, tennis, cycling, anything outdoors and physical.