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Lewis Mackie

Category: Junior X30

Lewis first got behind the wheel when he was 7 years old at an indoor kart centre for a family members birthday. It was here that Lewis would then spend every Sunday morning at the cadet club, before progressing to outdoor circuits at Ellough Park and Red Lodge. At the age of 9 Lewis moved from corporate karts to his own kart and his journey picked up pace. Lewis then spent the next couple of years competing locally as a privateer before gaining his MSUK kart licence and moving up from cadets to juniors. After a year it was obvious that if Lewis was going to compete at this level a change was needed. In making this move Lewis was to take to the Junior X30 class and so it began. Lewis has joined Fusion Motorsport from 2021 having had a successful 2020 season with his previous team and developed in to a strong driver. Lewis will compete for the Junior X30 British and the Senior European Championship titles.


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