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Oliver Greenall

Junior X30

I started karting at 6 years old and have lived for the sport ever since: lots of sleep, boxing training, good nutrition and total focus at the track. 2019 was the result of years of hard work and being part of the best team. Now also in partnership with Simumotion Performance, I can't wait to race in the European and World Championships.
Bayford Maydows Championship
2016 Honda Clubman WINNER
London Cup
2016 Honda Cadet 2nd place
2017 Honda Cadet WINNER
2018 Honda Cadet 2nd place
British Championship
2016 Honda Cadet Superone 15th place
2017 Honda Cadet Superone 4th place
2018 Honda Cadet Superone 3rd place
2019 Mini X30 MSA WINNER
2019 Mini X30 LGM WINNER
PFi Winter Series
2017 Honda Cadet 2nd place
2019 Mini X30 WINNERKartmasters British Grand Prix
2019 Mini X30 WINNER
IAME International Finals
2019 Junior X30 3rd place

Oliver Greenall_9581.JPG
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