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Leo Robinson


Leo Robinson was the Top Rookie in MSA Bambino Championship in 2015 when 6 years old and the MSA Bambino Champion in 2016 when 7 years old. He won all 6 IAME Cadet novice trophies in 2017 together with several podium places. Leo was a Grid Kid at the British Grand Prix in 2018. That year he was the youngest of the front running competitors in Super One finishing 11th overall.  Leo has subsequently gained multiple podium positions and race wins in UK Cadet before moving to the IAME Euroseries in 2019. He finished 3rd in the IAME Winter Cup in Valencia, 3rd overall in the IAME Euroseries and finally he also finished 3rd in the IAME world final, while still just 10 years old. In 2020 Leo won on his debut in the UK Mini X30 class on the weekend of his 11th birthday, becoming the youngest ever winner in that class. For the remainder of the season Leo plans to compete in the IAME Euroseries again, and in the UK Mini X30 class.

Leo Robinson_9521.JPG
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